sunnuntai 8. elokuuta 2010

July 31st 2010

The Importance of Comfortable Sailing

After leaving Nome, Sarema's head (= toilet) became a major issue amongst her crew. It is the only space that does not have any kind of heating with the result that, at some point during our voyage up north, it had become to resemble a refrigerator. When you opened the head door, you could feel the cold air rush towards you. And when you thought of the ice-cold ring awaiting you therein, you were more than tempted to quickly close the door in front of you.
At first, neither of us was willing to admit that she/he detested the cold (we were on our way to the Northwest Passage, for crying out loud!) but, of course, the situation could not continue like this forever. So finally, after having discussed this delicate matter between us, we came up with the simplest of solutions: we tied the head door to the handle of the fore cabin door so that it would stay open permanently. After only a few hours, the head was just as warm and comfortable as the rest of the boat. Of course, we now lack most of the privacy we used to have but, after all, how important is privacy compared to a warm toilet seat!

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