tiistai 31. elokuuta 2010

August 31st 2010

The Summer Wear of An Arctic Sailor

When it is my turn to be on watch, I put on my underwear, thermal underwear, Bermuda length woollen pants, full length woollen pants, wind-stopper trousers, offshore overalls, woollen sweater, thicker woollen sweater, fleece vest with wind-stopper lining, offshore jacket, thick down vest, two pairs of woollen socks, Alaska boots, gore-tex mittens, fur hat, and, in rough weather, the goggles.
And, voilà, I am all dressed up for the Arctic Summer!

2 kommenttia:

  1. I remember you having said some years ago that it was too cold in Finland so that you had to move to Spain. But did you ever need that many cloths in Finland as you are wearing now??!

  2. we are watching your voyage with keen interest. we like the "alaska boots" in today's notes. also like the language lesson from gjoa haven -- that was great!
    charlie & helen in anchorage.