maanantai 26. heinäkuuta 2010

July 26th 2010


The time has come to leave Nome. We have had a great time here with people that we will always remember; Tibo who after returning from a reindeer round-up, came to our boat with two salmon and a bunch of interesting photographs, one of which is below,

Alex who after coming back from his fruitless gold exploration, was in the habit of entertaining us aboard the Sarema almost daily with his new job hunting plans (if anyone is interested, Alex is presently crabbing somewhere on the Bering Sea), Susanne who was our knowledgeable guide to anything related to Nome and its surroundings, Hugh who gave Riitta a crash course in how to use Photoshop as a darkroom, and last but not least Deb, Rolland, Jannelle and Bianca, the crew of the Precipice who had sailed the Northwest Passage from east to west the year before. They donated their time to us, shared their invaluable, first-hand experiences of the Northwest Passage with us and, as if that wasn't enough, they also gave us all their paper charts of the Passage.
We should now be as well prepared for the Passage as we'll ever be. We even have musk ox wool for our mittens to keep our hands warm (from Susanne and Hugh), and goggles so that we would see where we are going even in the roughest weather (from Deb and Rolland). So, it is time to say Goodbye Nome, Welcome the Northwest Passage!

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