lauantai 17. heinäkuuta 2010

July 16th 2010

There is no place like Nome

64º03.871' N, 165º36.826' W

The leg from the Pribilof Islands to Nome was extremely uneventful; few birds, no fish, not a single computer problem. The only thing worth mentioning is that between Wednesday and Thursday, we lost the night. And not just one night but all the nights between now and August something. It is going to be 24 hours daylight from now on, and the further north we go, the lighter it gets.

On our arrival Thursday afternoon, which was yesterday, the Nome Harbour Master congratulated us on good timing as there was going to be a storm the following day. This was the second time running we had just managed to escape bad weather, which is very lucky indeed since bad weather on the extremely shallow Bering Sea can be really bad! At the moment, there is a High Surf Warning in force. All those who have been watching the Deadliest Catch know what that means.
Because our boat was too big for the floats in the small boat harbour, we got a place alongside a high cargo dock. This was fine except that the only way to get ashore is climbing a ladder. Once again, taking Latte for a walk presented a problem but, fortunately, not an insurmountable one. Thanks to the Skipper's muscle tone, Latte is able to enjoy her three long daily walks on the beach nearby. Thank God, she is not very heavy!

The harbour fee for our boat was 100 dollars for four days or 75 dollars for a week. Naturally, we paid for the whole week although we'll probably leave early next week, weather permitting of course. During the next couple of days, we will familiarize ourselves with the ice conditions around Point Barrow, get to know the town, try to find a grocery store for reprovisioning, and, last but not least, go musk ox viewing. Let's hope we have more luck with the musk oxen than we had with the reindeer!

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