sunnuntai 13. kesäkuuta 2010

June 13th 2010

We are still in Kodiak. Stormy weather has kept us here longer than we had anticipated. However, this extra period of time has not gone to waste. Pekka has continued carrying out repairs on the boat, and he has been hauled up the mast almost on a daily basis; first to install new mast steps, after which to remove our old, non-functioning wind sensor and to replace it with a new one, and then to remove the new, non-functioning wind sensor and to replace it with yet another wind sensor. Meanwhile, Riitta has been doing some serious provisioning assisted by Marion, and Latte the Boatdog has been guarding the Sarema fiercely against every moving fishing vessel and all other dogs she has detected in the vicinity of the boat. We think that some of our neighbours in the boat harbour will be more than glad to see us leave.

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